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My Baking Philosophy

  • Make It From Scratch. Make it from scratch! You just don't know what's in that cake mix or that Cosmic Brownie. Save your calories for the good stuff, made with love, from scratch. 

  • Use The Best Ingredients. Not only will your bakes taste superior, but they also will be better for you. Use organic, free range, lightly pasteurized, etc when the budget permits. I think using good butter makes the biggest difference. Go for a grass-fed European-style butter; they have a lower water content. For baking, I skip the cultured and salted butter.

  • Bake With Love. I know it's cheesy, but people can tell when something is made with care. It's different than throwing a box of cake mix together. And baking is intrinsically a sharing activity. Share something with friends and family that you're proud to serve them. 


The After School Bakery is a baking and recipe blog created in high school by me, Jeremy Scheck, a young food-aficionado who approaches cooking with an artful eye, scientific mind, and a balanced palate. Through years of self-study in culinary and pastry arts, initially with some classes and informal baking sessions with my Grandma Karen, and more seriously by reading countless cookbooks cover-to-cover, watching and practicing from tutorial videos, and hundreds of hours of trial and error, I have become a knowledgeable and practiced home-cook. As a non-professional, I am sensitive to the limitations and realities of a home kitchen, and I am always excited to find gaps in my knowledge that I get to fill with more practice and research. 

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