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March 16, 2018

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Why I Prefer the Metric System

March 8, 2018

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February 25, 2019

Why is it that the most basic of staples are the foods which daunt us the most when it comes to making them from scratch? This questi...

December 17, 2018

My first semester at Cornell flew by. I loved it so much and I can't wait to go back already.

One big decision I made pretty early on...

July 12, 2018

What’s Next for After School Bakery?

Over the last two years, I have had the pleasure of developing, photographing, and sharing over 8...

July 12, 2018

The following extended essay is a piece I wrote for the IB Programme junior year in high school. I wasn't able to release it until no...

April 28, 2018

Blondies are what I make whenever I have to bring dessert to an event, but really don't have the time or energy to worry about it. Be...

April 22, 2018

In necessary preparation for my summer as an au pair in Spain my friend Lavinia (who lived in Spain for 7 years) and I decided have a...

April 9, 2018

For my IB chemistry class, I conducted an in depth investigation to figure out the method of cake preparation that yields the lightes...

April 9, 2018

Baking a great banana bread recipe into muffin form somehow makes something so simple seem a little more special. I highly recommend...