I created After School Bakery my sophomore year of high school as a way to document the recipes I enjoyed making and share it with my (tiny) circle of foodie friends. I never expected to grow a large following on TikTok and receive thousands of views a day.  

I have years of experience as a home cook, always reading cookbooks cover-to-cover and teaching myself new techniques. In high school, I taught several baking demonstrations at Williams-Sonoma. After my freshman year of college, they hired me as a sales associate, and I regularly taught cooking classes to the public. From fried chicken to crepes and pizza, we made it all. 

I originally enrolled at Cornell as a food science major. After a semester, I decided that the strict nature of the program would not allow me to pursue my other academic interest in foreign language. So I became a Spanish and Italian double major. Already a fluent Spanish speaker, I tested every Spanish prerequisite, which opened up a lot of freedom in my schedule. Around half the classes I take are food related such as: culinary science, food science, nutrition, "dairy study trip to Italy", Italian food culture and "wines and vines". I enjoy combining my learning from these classes with the food I cook at home. 

Happy baking!