The After School Bakery is a baking and recipe blog created in high school by me, Jeremy Scheck, a young food-aficionado who approaches cooking with an artful eye, scientific mind, and a balanced palate. Through years of self-study in culinary and pastry arts, initially with some classes and informal baking sessions with my Grandma Karen, and more seriously by reading countless cookbooks cover-to-cover, watching and practicing from tutorial videos, and hundreds of hours of trial and error, I have become a knowledgeable and practiced home-cook. As a non-professional, I am sensitive to the limitations and realities of a home kitchen, and I am always excited to find gaps in my knowledge that I get to fill with more practice and research. In 2016, before starting in 11th grade, I launched After School Bakery with the intent to share my favorite baking recipes and explore my creative side during my free time -- after school -- while balancing the demands of International Baccalaureate classes, jobs at a local bakery and babysitting, and the college application process. During my last two years of high school, I went on to develop After School Bakery by upgrading to professional photography equipment, growing a following of over 500 foodies on Instagram, and teaching three baking demonstrations at William-Sonoma in the DC area. Currently, I am a first-year student at Cornell University double-majoring in Spanish and Italian, with a minor in business. At Cornell, I continue to pursue my food-related interests, taking courses such as Food Science 1101,  in which I had the opportunity to develop and market an original ice cream flavor, Introduction to Wines and Vines, where as an 18-year-old I get to taste and learn about wines, and Italian Food Culture, an Italian-language conversation course. During my first year of college, I paused regular recipe updates due to limited kitchen access; however, I have continued to refine the website interface and post the occasional recipe during breaks. Starting Summer 2019, I will have renewed regular access to a kitchen and I am excited to restart recipe development. Whether I’m currently working on new recipes or not, I intend for After School Bakery to serve as a living, public record of all my favorite recipes.

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