• Jeremy Scheck

Birthday Dinner

For my 17th birthday party, I invited a few friends over for dinner. I made spring vegetable risotto with pearl onions, asparagus, and peas, grilled marinated skirt steak, roasted carrots, spring salad with champagne vinaigrette, baguette toasts with chive–garlic butter and veggies, raspberry–lemon–rose cake, and chocolate–vanilla swirl cookies.

I made the cake using my Favorite Vanilla Cake Recipe, omitting the vanilla extract, adding lemon zest, 20g lemon juice (taking out 10g of yogurt) and adding rose water. I made my American Buttercream recipe and left some of it white, added a little raspberry purée and rose water to a third of the icing, and more to the last third. I used the three colors to make an ombre effect.

I made the swirl cookies because I had extra chocolate and vanilla cookie dough lying around in my freezer. I rolled them up, cut it and sprinkled them with sparkling sugar and Maldon salt.

It was a fun night!

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