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Update: Lake George Baking, upcoming recipes

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer! This is just a little update of what's going on in my life and what's coming up for the blog. I also explain why there were no posts the last two Mondays.

A little about my family and Lake George:

In 1950, my Great Grandpa Leo and his eight siblings purchased Three Brothers Island on Lake George at an auction. Between the nine of them, it was not very expensive. My grandma and her sisters inherited Leo's house on the island and I'm fortunate enough to spend time each summer at the lake with both my immediate and extended family. I love to bake up there because there are always lots of family members ready to inhale the treats, and I get to use my Great Grandmother Evelyn's baking tins. The house is rustic – no internet, dishwasher, ac – and the oven runs just over 100° hot, but I love getting a break from the normal agenda. The past 11 days were a great time to catch up with my cousins, bond with my grandparents, and relax before I dive into college apps.

On this past trip I baked:

  • Blueberry muffins (not worth sharing the recipe)

  • Blueberry–Nectarine Pie (definitely worth sharing the recipe)

  • Chocolate Chip Cookies (a classic alternative to my browned- butter chocolate chip cookies––I want to tweak the recipe a little before I post it)

  • Romance Cookies (My aunt made these with me. Ooey gooey buttery heaven. Recipe coming up soon)

What's coming up:

Even though I didn't have internet to post new recipes the last two Mondays, I still have lots more ready for the upcoming weeks. Tomorrow I'm posting my aunt's Romance Cookies, and I have some exciting recipes lined up for the following weeks including an expedited pie dough method and a delicious all purpose butter cake!

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