• Jeremy Scheck

What's Next for After School Bakery?

What’s Next for After School Bakery?

Over the last two years, I have had the pleasure of developing, photographing, and sharing over 80 recipes on this website. After School Bakery is the product of all my creative energy focused into one brand, executed on top of the demands of a full time high school junior and senior workload. In just the last year, After School Bakery has received almost 3,000 site views from countries all over the world, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Spain, Singapore, Russia, Brazil, Israel, India, and Australia. I have shared all sorts of recipes, from Irish soda bread to my grandma’s challah, and the perfect vanilla cake to a decadent flourless chocolate mousse cake.

In just over a month I start my new chapter at Cornell. At least during my freshman year of college, my access to a kitchen will be limited; therefore my weekly recipes will be suspended indefinitely. This is not to say that After School Bakery is over, but rather changing for the time-being. If I find myself in a situation with time to test, shoot, and share a recipe, I will not hesitate to do so. If I find something I learn in my food science program especially interesting, I might share it on this platform as well. Despite this shift in paradigm, I hope my 150 website subscribers, almost 600 instagram followers, and newcomers continue to use the existing site and recipes to inform and inspire their baking. I have always said that I don’t care if one person or a million people look at my recipes---it’s worth it to me to write them up like this just for my own personal reference and use. Thank you so much for the past two years!

Happy Baking,