• Jeremy Scheck

First Semester College Update

My first semester at Cornell flew by. I loved it so much and I can't wait to go back already.

One big decision I made pretty early on was that I did not want to continue with food science as my major. The track is incredibly prescriptive and it left little room for me to explore other interests. Even though I knew this going in, I wasn't aware of what it would feel like to take calculus (which I dropped), chemistry, biology, food science, and freshman writing seminar all at the same time. As soon as I got there I already felt as though I was behind. It was as if I was pre-med with one food science elective and I did not expect to feel like I was missing out on more interesting classes as much as I did. I did actually enjoy my food science class, but it did not make up for the struggle of gen-chem and calculus, which I hated. I chose Cornell knowing it was possible that I would not like food science, and luckily the process to internally transfer to the College of Arts and Sciences is not too difficult. As of now, I have decided to do a double major in Arts and Sciences, one in Spanish (a life-long passion) and the other is currently undecided. I am considering government, linguistics, or making my own "food studies" independent major to go alongside Spanish. Next semester, I am taking advanced Spanish writing workshop, intensive elementary Italian, Italian food culture, intro to wines and vines, and linguistics, and I am so excited for each class.

One fun thing that happened recently is I became involved with the coffee company La Colombe as a campus brand ambassador. I really liked their draft lattes and knew that they were sold on campus, but noticed that they were not widely known. I emailed the company and soon became a brand ambassador, which has been an enjoyable experience. The whole situation is very new, but La Colombe has been sending me coffees to hand out and I post pictures on my social media. My friends and peers have been really receptive, and in just a couple of weeks, the coffees have gained enormous popularity.

As expected, I had minimal access to a kitchen and did not really bake while I was there. I have a month off for break, and I expect to post at least a couple of recipes while I am home.

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